Drug Free Workplace

For an additional fee, our experienced labor law attorneys can draft your Drug-Free Workplace Policy for your company and give you piece of mind. All non-dot drug-free workplace company policies are written within requisite state and federal guidelines.

While other consortiums may offer policy review and customization services, it is important to know whether or not their services are backed by a labor law attorney’s stamp of approval. With LGS Drug Testing, you can be reassured knowing that your policy was drafted by a qualified lawyer and meets legal compliance.

For those that do not wish to hire our labor law attorneys, we can alternatively offer easy to follow multiple-choice sample policies to assist you in customizing your drug-free workplace program and which are approved by the Department of Labor/ Working Partners Coalition. This option is not preferred as is a policy drafted specifically for your company’s needs but might be an option for those companies with smaller budgets.

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